On the road--Sonora, CA

On the road with my dear husband. We visited By Hand in Sonora, CA, one of my favorite yarn shops.

The space was originally an old-time drugstore--note the beautiful woodwork! And notice how they display the yarn. By color:

And speaking of color, check out the name of this:
"50 Skeins of Grey"

Very friendly staff, not just crochet-friendly, a pleasure to shop there!

And proof of how we feel about our need for yarn:

If you're in the neighborhood (down the road from Yosemite), don't miss The Candy Vault for old-fashioned penny candy and exotic chocolates, and check out the many other amazing boutiques and antique shops, all within walking distance. Good prices, friendly people, and no chain stores!

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  1. I LOVE that it says "drugs" right outside the door!! So poignant!