Women's March in Boston

It was a glorious day to spend with 175,000 friends! That's me in the upper left-hand corner--see? The one in the pink hat?
Laurie learned to knit, just for this day, and Carol hadn't picked up knitting needles in decades. Me, I'm always up for crafting for a cause! Below are Cathy and Jane and the rest of us squeezed onto the train.

Those hats!

Have you heard of the Pussyhat Project for women's marches on 21 January, 2017?

I'm going to the Boston Women's March for America with friends, and this weekend I was volunteered to help with the hats. Laurie has never knitted anything before in her life!

Carol just needed a little reminder (and some needles), and Jane assured the newbie knitters that from now on, they would have in their vocabulary the phrase: "Just one more row!"

If you need a knit pattern for the Pink Pussyhat (there's still time!), here's a link to the pattern.

Great day and pink hats!

Here's how I started my day:

And here's how I spent the rest of the day: I bought some yarn and worked on a pink pussy hat for the Boston Women's March for America (January 21). This weekend I'll be at a friend's house, with women who asked for my help with their own hats. Here's a link to the pattern.  I'll post pictures of our hat get-together, and I look forward to posting pictures of the march on Boston Common next weekend.