Those hats!

Have you heard of the Pussyhat Project for women's marches on 21 January, 2017?

I'm going to the Boston Women's March for America with friends, and this weekend I was volunteered to help with the hats. Laurie has never knitted anything before in her life!

Carol just needed a little reminder (and some needles), and Jane assured the newbie knitters that from now on, they would have in their vocabulary the phrase: "Just one more row!"

If you need a knit pattern for the Pink Pussyhat (there's still time!), here's a link to the pattern.

Great day and pink hats!

Here's how I started my day:

And here's how I spent the rest of the day: I bought some yarn and worked on a pink pussy hat for the Boston Women's March for America (January 21). This weekend I'll be at a friend's house, with women who asked for my help with their own hats. Here's a link to the pattern.  I'll post pictures of our hat get-together, and I look forward to posting pictures of the march on Boston Common next weekend.

Obsessed with Color!

Yes, I am obsessed. I have been working up some color lessons and exercises based on Albers and Itten, among others, but with yarn instead of paint and paper.

Stay tuned for free lessons!

Noro Sprial Shawl

The latest issue of Noro Knitting Magazine (Fall/ Winter 2016) features one of my designs, "Spiral Shawl."

It looks a lot more complicated than it is to crochet; the pattern consisting mostly of a two row repeat of simple stitches, with the yarn (Noro Silk Garden Lite; colorway #2093 with bright flashes of turquoise, pink and orange against dark gray) doing most of the work.

I had envisioned the scarf going around the neck, much like a collar, but they styled it in different ways I hadn't thought of. I've got to say, this is one of my favorite photos of one of my pieces--the magazine and the model did a beautiful job!

There's a lot more to see in this issue of knitted and crocheted items in Noro yarns--check it out at your favorite LYS now!

Blog Tour, March 2017

Plans are in the works for the March 2017 Crochet blog tour. You'll see blogs and websites of other designers, indie yarn dyers and distributors, and lots more. I'll be featured on the 15th!

I'll have a brand new amigurumi pattern at the end of the blog tour, free to participants, as I did last year, and you'll see info on how to receive it during the tour. Stay tuned!

White River Yarns, Vermont

2016 Christmas Club Kits
So sad to hear that the White River Yarns in White River Junction is going to be closing at the end of October of 2016 due to family illness. I visit there about once or twice a year on my way through town on my way to northern Vermont, and found Karen to be one of the sweetest and kindest people on the planet. Her shop is not just a yarn store, but a real community center. Her blog posts have been an inspiration to me. We will all miss you, Karen!

Crocheting for Charity

Crocheting along with my fellow Ravelry friends, we are crocheting for charity.
Here are some of my bears that will go to AIDS orphans in Africa, The Mother Bear Project.
I named them Archie, Bingo, and Coco, going in alphabetical order.

The ducks are for The Yellow Duck Project, also named alphabetically, Arlo and Arabella, Bubbles and Buster.
You leave them somewhere for someone to find, to brighten up their day, and to encourage them to think about blood and organ donation. The tags have their website address.
I'm going through the alphabet. Keep an eye out--maybe you'll find one of them!