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How are you celebrating National Crochet Month? I'm displaying some of my work at the Salisbury (Massachusetts) Public Library--pics to follow!

Drawing Mandalas!

A poster for a workshop I'm teaching next month at the Salisbury Public Library:

Pussycat Hat

A special order for a friend--she designed and made the sculpture, and she asked me to knit a pink pussycat hat for it. I think I'll make another one for my Barbie doll. 

Summer Tote

Out today--Interweave Crochet magazine summer issue. Check out my tote design, an airy lace pattern, crocheted in abaca fiber--perfect for the beach, or wherever!

 Interweave/Harper Point Photography

Find the magazines on stands, or check out the digital edition at:

Spring animals!

Here's my pattern from last spring's Love of Crochet magazine--just in time for Easter and springtime, it's still available from the magazine's store.

I promise that you will love making these so much, you'll want to make all of them!

Color Inspiration

Here's a chart (turned sideways) from The Art of Color by Johannes Itten, illustrating the relative shades and tints of the twelve hues plus gray:

Picture 011.jpg

And here is my "Garden Bed" afghan, part of a collection of pieces inspired by lessons of the color masters:
 The motifs are worked in the round, joining as you go, in a worsted weight yarn. 

I'm not satisfied with the big holes between the shapes, so I'm going to try it in a dk weight yarn, which would require more motifs, but make the spaces between the motifs smaller. I do like the way the colors flow in an organic way without looking like an obvious rainbow. It looks gorgeous laid out on a bed, hence the name "Garden Bed," a little pun.

Birthday Cake at the potluck

Interweave is featuring my "zero calorie" cake for the Craft Yarn Council's potluck. Check it out!

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