"Call me a cat person..." is the first sentence in a book I am working on with amigurumi characters. The cat/narrator is afraid of dogs, and the book will illustrate how she overcomes her fears. I wanted to use humor and crochet to tell the story.

It's been a struggle, but working on this has been helping me with my severe dog phobia--yes, crochet heals! Keep posted for more amigurumi dogs and some crocheted dioramas.

Mighty Ugly!

Make It Mighty Ugly: 
Exercises & Advice for Getting Creative 
Even When It Ain't Pretty 
by Kim Piper Werner

I love this book! It's a great one to use when you are feeling stuck, feeling like this creative process is just too hard. This book helps you by encouraging you to make something as ugly as possible. I can't describe to you how liberating this is--you will just have to try it yourself!