On the road, North Conway, NH, part 2

With a name like Nancy's Alterations and Yarn Shop, I fully expected the yarn to be an afterthought in a taylor's shop. I couldn't be more wrong; Nancy's has an amazing selection of yarns. I especially liked that the sample "swatches" were actually full-length scarves.

And the "swatches" for the sock yarn are actual socks.

If you get a hankering for yarn early in the morning, you're in luck--Nancy opens her doors at 8am or earlier. Her shop is behind the stores on the main road.

If you're hungry, stop by Chef's Market on the same block. There's something different in the display case every day--except Tuesday. Don't go on a Tuesday--they're closed.

On the road, North Conway, NH, part one

North Conway, NH has two fabulous yarn shops. The first one I visited was Close Knit Sisters--how sweet is that for a name?

The cute stuffed animals were checking me out as I checked out the skeins.

It's a friendly place, with people hanging out and knitting, and other people coming in and being greeted as old friends. The prices are great, lower than I'd expect for a tourist area.

If you're in the area, you'll find plenty of shopping opportunities close by--it's a mecca of outlets. Personally, that's not my thing--but I do like the local independent bookstore, White Birch Books. And for vintage-style fabrics at really good prices, you've got to make a stop at The Quilt Shop at Vac and Sew.

50 years ago...

I was just learning to crochet! 
Oh yeah, and listening to the Beatles for the first time ever.