On the road--Oakland, California

My sister-in-law discovered A Verb for Keeping Warm for me, a yarn shop in Oakland, California. Click on the link above for more pictures of the inside of this gorgeous shop, or to order some of their luscious skeins online.
What's special about them? They have their own line of yarns they dye themselves using plants. They even have their own teaching garden of flowers they use for dyes. These are some of their own natural-dyed yarns:

I couldn't stop looking at the extraordinary colors! They also sell dyes, fabric, amazing buttons, and some vintage-style sewing patterns.  
Can you see the knit-covered branch in this lovely display?
The owner, Kristine Vejar, is in the process of writing a book (working title: The Modern Natural Dyer) due out in Fall of 2015. I'll let you know if I hear anything new from her--I can't wait to see it!

If you are in the neighborhood, there are two truly awesome little restaurants to choose from, right next door, with some outside seating: Actual Café and Victory Burger.

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