Hot Dogs and Cool Cats; an amigurumi pattern & color lesson

Welcome to the National Crochet Month blog tour! I'm excited to share my love of crochet with you, and I'll be offering participants a free dog and cat pattern that includes a lesson in one aspect of color theory. (See end of post for details on how to get your free pattern).

We've all used crayons as kids--making color choices shouldn't be so complicated! So why did a skein of yarn I bought look bluish in the store, but greenish when I got it home? What made a nice pink appear to be a muddy beige when I paired it with a bright yellow? And why does everyone ask me if I'm feeling sick when I wear that pretty peach t-shirt?

For months, I researched and studied classic color theory--which usually involves mixing paint, not choosing from an unlimited supply of already dyed yarns--and I decided to break down some of what I learned and to share it with other crocheters. By following some simple patterns, we can explore color theory and color harmony, and be more confident in our color choices.
This first lesson explores contrast in color temperature. You probably already know that blues and greens and purples are associated with water, and clouds, and distant mountains, and are considered "cool" colors.
Reds, and oranges, and yellows are associated with fire and the sun, and are considered "warm" colors. But there are times when yellow or red can be considered cool or cold--think about a stick of butter or a scoop of strawberry ice cream. And you might not think blue or green can look hot, until you see a neon sign with those colors late at night. This pattern will help you to match up colors of different temperatures that contrast in a pleasing way.

In a previous post, I show some of the steps I have been taking to explore a different aspect in color theory. This one uses crocheted flowers--I'll write up a pattern for this, too--once I finish working it out!
The pattern for the dog and cat, along with the color lesson, will be available as a free download for a limited time--from April first to May first--then it will be for sale at my Ravelry store. If you email me
with "Free Hot Dogs" in the subject line, I will send you a link to the pattern at the end of the blog tour.
Thanks for riding along with us!


  1. Donna, thank you so much for being a part of our blog tour.

    1. Amy, Thank YOU for bringing us all together!