Baby Blues--easy baby blanket

I've been working on a few design ideas over the summer, but for now I needed a really quick baby gift:
I made this in Lion Brand's new Tweed Stripes yarn, a chunky weight, self-striping yarn. The photograph doesn't do it justice--the colors are exquisite! The colorway is called "caribbean," rich blues with yellow-green and purple accents. I don't usually like acrylic, but it is lovely and soft, and it will be easy to wash and dry.

The baby blanket is made up of traditional granny squares, and since the yarn changes to a different color every few yards, there's no need to stop and attach a new yarn. It took me about a day to make it, start to finish! The yarn itself does most of the work--I would definitely use this yarn again for a baby blanket or a full-sized afghan.

Simple directions are available in my Ravelry store for free:

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