Diorama: "I Coulda Been a Contender"

Here is another one of my dioramas--a work in progress--inspired by old black and white movies, using tiny (approx. 4" tall) stuffed animals and gray yarns. This is from On the Waterfront, that famous scene with Brando/ Terry (bulldog) lamenting about his life to his brother Steiger/ Charley (a pig). I'm still experimenting with adding text to the dioramas. See below for the full quote, though you probably have heard it a million times and know it by heart.

Terry/ Marlon Brando: "You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody. Instead of a bum...which is what I am..."

Diorama: "Welcome to Dogtown"

I'm working on a series of dioramas that tell a story. "Welcome to Dogtown" is a story of a cat who is afraid of dogs. She (the cat) has an exaggerated sense of how the dogs have taken over her town and ruined it. She ultimately learns to love dogs with the help of her new friend, Cody.

Crochet Gifts

When my dear nephew, Michael got engaged to a lovely girl, Nicky, I crocheted some sachets in thread for a shower gift. I placed little sponges inside them, and I included some essential oils to scent them. It's my own design, and I was aiming for a vintage look.

I also crocheted a blanket for the two of them. Nicky's favorite color is blue, so I went to my old-standby favorite for afghans, Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in the color Caribbean with its gorgeous hues of blues and purples. 

I crocheted it diagonally from corner to corner in a box stitch to show off the tweedy blend of colors. The wedding was last Saturday, and I know they will be living happily ever after!