Fall Scarf--Caramel

I'm making scarves for my sisters, my niece, and my mom, all with Lion Brand Tweed Stripes yarn, and all different. We can't have them all wear the same scarf, now, can we?
My mom picked out the colorway "caramel," and I thought it cried out to be made into fall leaves. I added a couple of crocheted roses for depth, and accented them with some vintage buttons.
I'm using so many different techniques on each scarf, I'm thinking of designing a class around them. Here's a detail:
The color changes are all in the yarn strand itself, and it's a bulky weight, so the scarf took less time than you'd expect. Mom tells me everyone has stopped her to take a closer look.

"I Love Yarn Day"

Like we need a day to remind us about yarn? Who doesn't love yarn every day?


baby sneakers

Booties made from an old pattern of mine (available through Crochet Today, only--I no longer have rights to the pattern, so I can't give it to you, seriously). I used Red Heart brand Shimmer in royal (blue) and snow (white). The baby seemed to like the little sparkle in the yarn. It's one of my early published patterns, a little more complicated than it should have been, but cute as ever, if I do say so myself.

October Scarf--donated to charity

I wish I knew what the yarn is in this scarf--I really wish I knew!--but it's unlabled yarn I got from a swap at a church. I made the scarf using a pattern from crochet genius Doris Chan's new book, Convertable Crochet.