Mimi and Lola; or What's in a Name?

I always liked my name. DONNA is no-nonsense with all those sharp edges, yet softened by just a few feminine curves.

It suits me.

Then, my college Spanish teacher thought it would be fun to give us all Spanish names to use in class.

Mine was Lola.

L--O--L--A, Lola...it rolls off the tongue like poetry.

The signature on my homework was loopy and round. As the semester went on, I drew it with increasingly large and curly flourishes.

Donna is smart and business-like, but Lola was different: sassy and sexy, bold and brazen. Giving up the name at the end of the semester was a bit of a let-down.

I nearly forgot about Lola until I was in the middle of coming up with ideas for a new doll. I was going to name her Mimi the Cat--daintily Parisian, prim and sweet in pastel with satin ribbons--until Lola demanded my attention.

Mimi the Cat will make an appearance some day, but I expect Lola to make the scene by the end of the week.

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